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Make your company discoverable.

Help top talent find your awesome company through exploration!

Designed for Small Tech Companies

Companies can source talent from various fields on Jobalaya – engineers, business professionals, college grads, seasoned professionals…

They do have one thing in common: They all want to work for a small and exciting tech company!

Limitless Ways to Be Discovered

When it comes to job hunting, many people don’t search. Instead, they explore.

On Jobalaya, your company can be discovered by these explorers through numerous Tags or Lists. Tags are attributes of your company set by yourself, while Lists are categories established by job seekers.

Upfront & Effortless Reference Checks

We know quality matters to you. What better way to check for candidate quality than reference checks?

On Jobalaya, when a candidate applies for your company, a reference check is requested at the same time. You’ll get to see what others think about this candidate as soon as a response is submitted!

How It Works
  • Set Up Your Company

    Claim your company’s free account in minutes. This is the first step to becoming discoverable!

  • Tag Your Company

    Tags allow job seekers to find your company through attributes like “Social Goods” or “Free Food.”

  • Get Added to Lists

    Job seekers can save your company to their Lists, which are public for everyone to browse.

  • Be Discovered!

    Sit back while your company being discovered by your future employees through Tags or Lists!

Let serendipitous discovery of your company happen more often.
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